The history of Kirkwoods Funeral Directors

Founding Kirkwoods Funeral Directors

At Kirkwoods Funeral Directors we have proudly supported the community of Belfast for many years. Arranging bespoke funeral services from our local funeral homes has allowed us to support our community through the difficult times which can leave you feeling unsure on what to do next and which questions to ask. This is where our team come in, to support you during the funeral planning process and provide an answer when you need it the most. Our original funeral home was located on Kings Road, where you can still find it, which is easily accessible in the surrounding areas of East Belfast. We have worked hard to equip our funeral home with state of the art facilities which allow our team to provide local families with high standards of care. As we continue to support East Belfast during the most difficult of times, our team are dedicated to expanding their local expertise and knowledge so we can provide the level of service you are looking for when planning a service in honour of a loved on

To arrange a funeral for your loved one, please call our funeral home on 02890401199 today.

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